Rakovina Therapeutics Announces Prioritizing 

AI-Driven Drug Development

At Rakovina Therapeutics (TSX-V: RKV) we're on a mission to transform the landscape of cancer research and treatment. Watch this insightful webinar where we unveil how Rakovina Therapeutics is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize cancer research.


  • How we're leveraging AI to reduce research time and costs
  • The impact of our innovations on cancer patients and the biotech industry
  • Our recent recognition as one of the Top 10 Undervalued Biotechnology Industry Stocks by The Globe and Mail
  • Opportunities for investment and collaboration with Rakovina Therapeutics


At Rakovina Therapeutics (TSX.V: RKV), our mission has always been about improving the lives of those battling cancer. Now, with a robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform on our side, we're moving into a new era of research speed and accuracy.

Using our Deep DockingTM platform powered by advanced AI algorithms, we can quickly analyze billions of molecular structures to evaluate their potential as targeted cancer drugs. We then validate their activity using our established R&D infrastructure. This approach is innovative to developing new therapies that target DNA-damage response-related vulnerabilities that are common in many types of cancer.

At Rakovina Therapeutics, we're wholly committed to pushing the boundaries of discovery and research using the latest technological advances to save lives worldwide.


Meet some the incredibly experienced team of Rakovina Therapeutics (TSXV: RKV)